Hamilton: "Red Bull has a better package than people think"

11-08-2020 13:48 | Updated: 11-08-2020 14:48
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Hamilton: Red Bull has a better package than people think

Although it didn't work out well for him at the second GP at Silverstone this year, Lewis Hamilton is in favour of more than one pit stop per race. The six-time world champion therefore asked Pirelli to adjust the rubber accordingly.

Hamilton opponent of one-stop races

The softer rubber indeed made for more pit stops and a more exciting race during the second race at Silverstone. Max Verstappen even managed to beat Mercedes for the first time this season. Although Hamilton was defeated due to the softer compounds, he is a big supporter of it.

Motorsportweek.com quotes the Brit: "We drove with the softer tyres and that made racing a lot more exciting. Part of me says we shouldn't race with softer tyres because we might be beaten again, but in the end I think a one-stop race sucks".

Red Bull is better than they say

Hamilton continues: "We should never really do one-stop races in this sport, it's never really fun for the fans." It also benefits the competition. It looks like Red Bull has been a lot closer since last race.

Hamilton says: "It's great. I would like to race where they challenge us. Red Bull seems to be close to us under race conditions. They were even stronger this weekend. That shows they've got a better package than people think."

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