"Vettel and Ferrari hadn't made it to the end in a normal season."

11-08-2020 12:55 | Updated: 11-08-2020 13:07
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Vettel and Ferrari hadn't made it to the end in a normal season.

Martin Brundle thinks Vettel is lucky that the current season is only a short one. According to the Sky analyst, the relationship/contract between Sebastian Vettel and Scuderia Ferrari had not lasted until the last races with the current form of the German.

Leclerc beats Vettel again

Brundle comes to his conclusion by looking back at the last races. Especially the last two races at Silverstone are decisive for his judgement. In his column on Skysport.com he says: "Charles Leclerc once again managed to beat his teammate".

"Seb Vettel was already out of the points at turn one, because he went wide on the kerb and spun. He was angry with his team afterwards because of the strategy they used. He blamed them for messing it up, but forgot his own mistake. Although at the time he still thought he was hit from behind."

Vettel is lucky

Brundle continues: "If this was a normal season with a normal length, I think that the messy divorce between Ferrari and Vettel would never have made it to the last races. It will be difficult for them to stay together this season".

"Vettel hasn't seen a chance to overtake a driver in the top ten at either of the British GPs at Silverstone. He's currently in the championship at P13." According to Brundle, Vettel is lucky that the season is a bit shorter, otherwise the German would be gone anyway before the end of 2020.

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