Racing Point and Mercedes under fire: ''They've shared data in 2020''

11-08-2020 08:10
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Racing Point and Mercedes under fire: ''They've shared data in 2020''

Racing Point and Mercedes are under fire together from different teams. Also Haas is now involved in the battle. Günther Steiner finds it remarkable that Mercedes and Racing Point have been able to exchange so much data.

Mercedes and Racing Point under fire

Racing Point and Mercedes are under fire because Racing Point would have copied the car. Where Racing Point first claimed to have copied everything from photographs, it is now increasingly clear that Mercedes has sent parts and data to Racing Point. Especially the fact that this happened in 2020 is under a magnifying glass.

Where Ferrari, McLaren, Renault and Williams form a front against Mercedes, Haas still keeps aloof. Steiner, however, is not happy with it. ''They have given data to Racing Point in 2020 and that is simply not allowed. Ferrari would never give us those dates, because that is simply forbidden", says Steiner according to

Wolff sure of his case

Steiner does not yet join the other four teams, but is very curious about the outcome of the investigation. ''If Mercedes still shares data in 2020, there may still be consequences. However, the FIA first has to find out if this is actually the case'', concludes Steiner.

Toto Wolff isn't worried yet, but is surprised by the statement about Racing Point. ''We are comfortable in our own position, because we have read and followed the rules. The statement of the FIA is very complex and shows things that we didn't know before. We have shared data with Racing Point, but believe that it is within the rules'', concludes Wolff.

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