Doubts whether Vettel will finish the season with Ferrari: "Don't know if he can"

10-08-2020 14:56 | Updated: 10-08-2020 16:14
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Doubts whether Vettel will finish the season with Ferrari: Don't know if he can

Ferrari announced even before the start of the season that it would end their collaboration with Sebastian Vettel after this season and since then, both sides have been on a disaster course. Vettel wasn't handed a contract for the following season and maybe there is some friction. 

For example, Vettel felt that he was disadvantaged by a decision of the team during the race at Silverstone last Sunday and that he had warned them about this. According to Jolyon Palmer, this new episode in the 'quarrel' between Ferrari and Vettel is worrying and the former F1 driver even doubts whether the four-time world champion will finish the season at Ferrari.

Relationship between Vettel and Ferrari completely ruined

"I don't know if that [finish the season] is possible for him," says Palmer in the Checkered Flag podcast of the BBC. "It's getting more toxic by the day, not even by race". According to him, Vettel's poor performance doesn't help, although the German himself believes there is something wrong with the car.

However, the question is who should replace him and where he could possibly go himself. In addition to Racing Point, Alfa Romeo was also mentioned for next season. This is pure speculation, but for Kimi Raikkonen driving at the back won't be very motivating either, so maybe there will be a place available this season. The Finn would then be able to return to the 'reds' for the very last time.

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