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Windsor: Verstappen keeps it all very simple, just like Mansell and Hamilton''

Windsor: "Verstappen keeps it all very simple, just like Mansell and Hamilton''

10-08-2020 09:32 Last update: 10:19


Max Verstappen made a great impression during the second Grand Prix at Silverstone. In a new video by Peter Windsor the former team manager of Williams can't hide his joy.

''I get so emotional when I see someone so talented," Windsor begins as he gets into his car after commenting on the race. ''It was a risk he took on Saturday with that hard tyre, but Max just makes his weekend very simple and chooses the hard tire.''

Verstappen looks like Mansell and Hamilton

According to Windsor there can also be compliments to the address of Red Bull Racing, which seems to have a better car than at the start of the season. ''Red Bull has done very well and so you see again, you only have to give Adrian Newey a couple of bad races before he hits back," says Windsor, who then goes on about Verstappen.

''I've said this before, but Max really looks like Nigel Mansell and Lewis Hamilton. He makes it all very simple. When you hear how he reacts to his engineer asking him to calm down, it's just brilliant. That's how Verstappen is'', concludes Windsor, who hates the bad season start of the Dutchman.

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