Marko: "Have to conclude that we were faster than Mercedes at every stage"

09-08-2020 19:26 | Updated: 09-08-2020 22:07
Marko: Have to conclude that we were faster than Mercedes at every stage

Helmut Marko believes that Red Bull Racing made the right choice by letting Max Verstappen start on the hard tyres, but in the 77-year-old Austrian's view Verstappen could also have won if he had started on the mediums. Red Bull's car was the faster compared to Mercedes at any point in the race.

"We chose a different strategy than Mercedes, but in the end we just have to conclude that we were much faster than Mercedes at every stage of the race and on every tyre", Marko praises the performance of the RB16 at RTL Deutschland.

The fact that Verstappen started on the hard tyres at Silverstone gave a nice advantage during the first stint, but according to Red Bull's advisor it wasn't decisive. "The strategy didn't even turn out to be that important, although it did give us a certain margin of safety at the start of the race, when we were already faster on the hard tyre than Mercedes on the mediums", he explains.

Red Bull continues to hope for warm temperatures

The hole with the Mercedes' is not yet completely closed, but it is clear that under warm conditions the W11 does not perform as well as it should. With still a few Grands Prix ahead in the summer that gives Marko hope. "We are now looking forward to the race in Barcelona. It seems to be 34 degrees Celsius. At the beginning of September we will have two more races in Italy, where it should also be warm. That will certainly help us, although we want to be competitive in all circumstances".

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