Mercedes after FIA decision: "Racing Point is pretty upset"

07-08-2020 18:08 | Updated: 07-08-2020 18:10
Mercedes after FIA decision: Racing Point is pretty upset

Toto Wolff also reacted at Sky Sports to the penalty handed out by the stewards to Racing Point. After an investigation the FIA decided to declare the brake lines of the RP20 illegal. They hadn't seen that decision coming at Mercedes either.

"I know the case inside and out. We were surprised in a way because there is a strong belief from everybody that is involved - all the lawyers that were a part of this. That everything is perfectly within the regulations," says Wolff in the British medium.

The fact that Racing Point has been fined four hundred thousand euros and fifteen World Cup points ensures that the atmosphere is not top at Racing Point at the moment, according to the Mercedes team boss. "They're pretty upset and they believe that they have a pretty strong case and they have lawyers ready to go and appeal."

Should Racing Point appeal?

It remains to be seen whether Lawrence Stroll's team will actually do that. If they decide to do so, they'll probably take the anger out on a lot of teams. In Formula 1 it's also important to be able to get through a door with certain teams politically. "I see that there is a group forming - a little revolution in a sense and they are trying to go after them because they are upset because of the performance of Racing Point", Wolff concludes.

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