Key points to Formula 1 DNA: ''This is what Formula 1 is all about''

07-08-2020 08:40 | Updated: 07-08-2020 09:13
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Key points to Formula 1 DNA: ''This is what Formula 1 is all about''

The outcome of the protest against Racing Point is still not clear, but the 'pink Mercedes' is still keeping their spirits up. According to James Key, it is an important point for the future of Formula 1.

"We have to assume that the FIA is making the right choice. I'm not talking about Racing Point's brakes, I'm talking about the whole principle. If you look at the McLaren, it is 100 percent a McLaren outside the engine. That's our job and that's what I think Formula 1 is all about," said the technical boss of McLaren to

Racing Point is too well copied

Copying is not something new in Formula 1. The teams always look at each other, but according to Key Racing Point has gone a step too far. ''Of course, everyone looks at each other, but apart from aerodynamics, you can't copy anything from each other. That means only 30 percent. That's why you can't just copy something from someone else because it has to work with what's underneath your chassis.''

That's where the problem lies, according to Key. ''You don't often see that a team can make copying work so well. We, therefore, assume that this is a step further than just copying photos. The FIA has to make the right choice now because otherwise we'll see a lot more copies like this in Formula 1 in the short term and I don't think anyone wants that'', concludes Key.

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