Walker puts Hamilton above legends: "That might be a dangerous opinion."

05-08-2020 18:17
by GPblog.com
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Walker puts Hamilton above legends: That might be a dangerous opinion.

Lewis Hamilton is heading towards his seventh world championship at an incredible speed. The gap with his teammate Valtteri Bottas is already huge, and with the likelihood of fewer races due to the corona pandemic, a seventh world title for Hamilton seems just a matter of time.

And with such an achievement of seven championships, legendary Formula One commentator Murray Walker thinks Hamilton is even better than the legends Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna: "In my opinion - and that is perhaps a dangerous opinion - he is also better than Schumacher and Senna. He already has more poles than Michael Schumacher and if all goes well he has about three more years if he doesn't hurt himself, leaves Mercedes or Mercedes just decides to quit. So in principle he can win three more championships, statistically he will be the biggest ever," says Walker in the podcast of In the Fast Lane.

Driving style and character the biggest differences

Walker sees differences in the driving style and character of Hamilton compared to Schumacher and Senna: "Those two (Senna and Schumacher) have embraced dubious tactics in their careers. Like Schumacher who deliberately parked his car in Monaco to prevent Fernando Alonso from taking pole. And Senna with Alain Prost in Japan in 1990. Lewis has never done anything like this before. He's always been a good driver. He's also an incredibly nice and super talented driver. I don't think we've seen anyone like him before."

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