Hulkenberg and Perez still uncertain: "We haven't heard anything yet'

05-08-2020 08:05
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Hulkenberg and Perez still uncertain: We haven't heard anything yet'

Nico Hulkenberg was the replacement for Sergio Perez at Racing Point during the British Grand Prix, but it is not yet clear whether the German will be allowed to race in the second Grand Prix at Silverstone this weekend.

On Thursday it turned out that Sergio Perez was not allowed to compete for the British Grand Prix. A week later it's just the question if the Mexican can return already. There are doubts whether the Mexican will be held for seven or ten days after a positive test. Otmar Szafnauer will keep the options open for the time being.

Is Hulkenberg still allowed to race?

''We'll ask the health organisation in England and then we'll hear what their advice is. We'll do what they say, since that's also best for the team'', says Szafnauer, who also says to that there is no clarity about the situation for the time being.

Should Perez be able to return anyway, it is a sad story for Hulkenberg who was unable to take action in Great Britain on Sunday due to a problem with the engine. With a second chance Hulkenberg can show how much he can improve in a week and what a bit of preparation will do to his results.

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