Briatore: ''Verstappen is the gladiator people love''

05-08-2020 06:46
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Briatore: ''Verstappen is the gladiator people love''

Mercedes currently has an immense lead over the rest of the field and so the discussion about technology in Formula 1 is flared up again. According to Flavio Briatore fans want to cheer again for their gladiators on the track.

''If you want to know who's the best driver in Formula 1, you have to look at F2. Put Hamilton, Vettel, Alonso and Verstappen in a Formula 2 car and you'll have great races with small differences. Technology is beautiful, but it will always exceed the performance of the drivers," says Briatore in a video of Betway.

Escape the gladiator

According to the former team boss of Renault, the current situation is not what fans expect of the sport. ''Fans want to cheer for their heroes. That's the drivers and not the engineers. People want to see wheel-to-wheel battles for victories again and see their gladiators shine," said the flamboyant Italian.

One of the men who would shine in such a situation, according to Briatore Max Verstappen. ''He takes his car where he can't and is always on the limit. He is a specialist on the track and really shows balls on the track. He's the gladiator people love'', concludes Briatore.

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