FIA disagrees: "I think it's wrong that we did it for the money"

04-08-2020 19:56 | Updated: 04-08-2020 19:59
FIA disagrees: I think it's wrong that we did it for the money

Jean Todt is enormously proud of the fact that starting up Formula 1 is an 'example of motivation and commitment'. Furthermore, the former team boss of Ferrari states that it was not the pinnacle of motorsport to do the money that was already being driven in Austria at the beginning of July.

"The easiest decision would have been to wait for things to get better and we don't know when that would be", Todt is quoted by and others. The Frenchman, however, is happy that Formula 1 has taken the lead in letting international sporting events take place again. "We were the first international series to restart with strict protocols. Racing again is a worldwide example of motivation and commitment".

The 74-year-old top man disputes the stories that Formula 1 has only been resumed for financial reasons. "I read that we did it for the money. I think that's wrong. We're doing it because we think life should be as normal as possible again, taking the virus into account, of course. Nobody could predict that we would have to live under these circumstances, but we have to learn to live with the virus," he explains.

FIA thanks all those involved

Most of the Grands Prix of the 2020-championship seem to have to be ridden in Europe. Several circuits have been found willing to accommodate Formula 1 for once. Todt is very happy with that. "Legally it has been a huge gamble to decide to start racing again in this situation so it is great that everyone has expressed their support. You have the medical and administrative committees of the FIA, the local promoters, the governments, the teams. It is a joint effort that will allow us to organize this championship", concludes the President of the International Motorsport Association his story.

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