Horner about extra pit stop: "Not guaranteed that Verstappen would have won"

02-08-2020 16:37
by Louis Shaw
Horner about extra pit stop: Not guaranteed that Verstappen would have won

Christian Horner doesn't want to dwell too long on a possible lost victory for Max Verstappen. According to the Red Bull Racing team boss, his team can be satisfied with second-place, especially considering the dominance of Mercedes this weekend at Silverstone.

"We would have taken that before the race but right at the end there Max was getting worried about the vibration and Bottas had a puncture. We had a bit groove on our tyre so we elected to pit and put on the soft tyres to get the fastest lap in," said Horner to Sky Sports. 

What would have happened if Verstappen hadn't come in for that extra pit stop? The British boss doesn't want to dwell too long on that.

"It wasn't guaranteed that he would have won the race, that would have been a completely different story," said Horner, who returns home satisfied.

"Second place is still very good. Mercedes were very dominant and Lewis drove the car home."

Verstappen very mature

At Red Bull, they saw that Mercedes didn't give everything during the race on Sunday afternoon either.

"With the front left being the issue here they were taking it easy at Turn 1, 3 and 9 more so then we were. So we were surprised to see them get the issue. We were already thinking about a stop with 10 or so lap towards the end. That's why it surprised us that they had problems," he said. "Max drove very maturely, he did everything he could. He didn't make any mistakes."

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