Albon doesn't see anything crazy about Verstappen's data: "Good benchmark"

01-08-2020 17:30 | Updated: 02-08-2020 09:38
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Albon doesn't see anything crazy about Verstappen's data: Good benchmark

Alexander Albon came no further than twelfth in qualifying ahead of the British Grand Prix. A result that neither he nor the team can be satisfied with. Certainly not if his teammate is starting from the second row. Does Max Verstappen's speed create extra pressure?

“Of course Max is very very quick," opposite and others. “There is no denying that at all. He’s one of the best people for me to look at his data. You can see where he gets the lap time from. But it doesn’t give any more pressure no. If anything, it kind of gives you a benchmark to work with.”

Verstappen doesn't do anything crazy

Then the question is asked where exactly he loses that time and whether there is a pattern visible that applies to all circuits. He has to deny the latter and he doesn't know the answer to the first question yet.

“There’s nothing crazy going on. I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell you [where he makes up the time], because I haven’t seen the data yet”, according to Albon there are no general patterns on every track where he loses the time.

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