Horner: "The funny thing is, I wasn't even stressed about it"

23-07-2020 14:48 | Updated: 23-07-2020 16:28
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Horner: The funny thing is, I wasn't even stressed about it

Max Verstappen drove his nose off on his way to the grid for the start of the Hungarian Grand Prix. The Red Bull Racing team seemed to be facing an impossible task, but strangely enough team boss Christian Horner wasn't worried. In the end it was the embodiment of teamwork.

The team only had half an hour to repair and check the front wing of the RB16 of Verstappen. The team succeeded and finished the job in twelve minutes so the Dutchman could just make his start from his qualifying position (P7).

Horner says on the Red Bull website: "The funny thing was, I had no stress at all. I knew that if there was a team that could do the job, it would be our mechanics. What was especially clever was that they had done the whole operation so safely. You have to be an excellent piano player to work with your fingers in that little room. The design is so tight."

Other teams applauded for Red Bull

"With five minutes to go until the cut-off, the chief said it all looked well and 25 seconds before time ran out the wheels were on," Horner continues.

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff said he was impressed with Red Bull's teamwork right after the race. The Austrian doesn't expect his own team to be capable of the same performance. Horner therefore mentions:

"Mechanics from other teams applauded in front of our guys on the grid. It really was the epitome of teamwork. All the men worked perfectly together against the clock and got the job done".

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