Vettel doesn't hold a grudge against Ferrari: "I'm a professional"

21-07-2020 20:58
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Vettel doesn't hold a grudge against Ferrari: I'm a professional

Sebastian Vettel will leave Ferrari after this season, but what he is going to do is still unclear. The rumor mill is currently running at full speed, he is associated with Red Bull Racing, but Racing Point would also be interested in the German. In addition, a move to Mercedes is not entirely out of the question, as Hamilton does not yet have a confirmed contract for 2021. But does the German hold a grudge against his current team, because his 'resignation' went in a somewhat uncomfortable way?

I'm a professional

That's what Martin Brundle of Sky Sports F1 asked the four-time champion, but he's quite sober and relaxed underneath. "I generally move on. A decision is a decision and I’m a professional in that regard and I take, I have to take any decision. But obviously… you know the way, it could have been a bit different, but it is what it is."

Vettel is of course only a radar throughout the Ferrari machine, albeit an important one. However, Vettel looks beyond himself. "This is a big team and a big brand and a lot of people have given som much, invested their time, their passion in the cars and I drove one of the cars in the last years."

"So I feel like, whatever might be my feeling about it, I own them respect and give them everything I can and try to have the best season we can. Despite the difficult situations", said Vettel, who mainly looks at the team as a whole instead of only himself.

Exciting times

Normally Vettel has quite a lot of control over how his career goes and that was always on the rise. For once, the German has not so much control now, because his future is highly uncertain. But that doesn't put the driver in a gloomy mood, in fact, he sees it quite positively.

"Exciting, to be honest. It’s exciting in a way that one door shuts another one will open. Whatever that door will be I don’t know yet is the honest answer. I might be staying in Formula 1, it might be racing something else, it might be saying goodbye for a certain time, for good." In other words, it seems he knows as little as we do, despite the rumors.

"Age is obviously not a problem. I still have a lot of years on the clock. In this period I also found out I like to compete, I love to win. That’s why I’m here. I’m not here to just participate, not here to be a Formula 1 driver, to make money."

And that's where the racing heart really comes out: "I think I’ve been in a very fortunate position  and I should be okay unless I completely mismanage, but I’m really here to achieve something and I will see next time if that is in the car or not. That will drive my descision."

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