Andretti finds Hamilton pretentious: "He creates a problem that doesn't exist"

17-07-2020 07:48 | Updated: 17-07-2020 08:14
Andretti finds Hamilton pretentious: He creates a problem that doesn't exist

Lewis Hamilton has campaigned extensively against racism in general and in Formula 1 in recent weeks. He did so on social media and during the Grand Prix weekends. For example, he made the 'Black Power' gesture on the podium in Austria. Former world champion Mario Andretti thinks Hamilton is going too far with this.

"I respect Lewis very much, but why become a militant? He has always been accepted and earned the respect of the whole world. I think the goal of this is pretentious. So I feel it and he is creating a problem that does not exist", said the last American world champion in the Chilean newspaper El Mercurio.

In motorsport you are judged on performance

"Painting your car black I don't know what it will do. I have met drivers of different origins, races and I have always welcomed them with open arms. In motorsports, no matter the color, you have to earn your place with results and that is what same for all."

Andretti then denounces the fact that so much politics is going on within the sport at the moment. He also cites the example of the 'noose' in the garage of black NASCAR-driver Bubba Wallace. This was widely in the news as a racist incident, but ultimately turned out to be nothing.

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