Marko still astonished: "No chances"

14-07-2020 14:56
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Marko still astonished: No chances

After the problems with the cars of Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon during the first GP of the season, the Red Bull fans had high expectations for the second GP in Austria. However, these high expectations were largely suppressed this weekend by the phenomenal Mercedes. Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko did not expect the strong performance of Mercedes.

At the start of the race Verstappen seemed to be able to keep up nicely: "But that was because it was ten degrees warmer then" says Marko opposite Kleine Zeitung. "We really didn't stand a chance in this second race. Verstappen couldn't keep a second place."

Unexpected disappointment

In addition to the striking speed of Mercedes, there were other unexpected disappointments for Red Bull. "Oddly enough, we've lost the advantage we've always had at high altitudes." And the Austrian can't immediately point out what that means: "That could be because Honda is using a new turbo. But we can only estimate that after Hungary. All in all, the start of the season took us by surprise".

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