Stroll: "We had debatably the second quickest car"

13-07-2020 11:51
Stroll: We had debatably the second quickest car

At Racing Point qualifying in the rain was somewhat disappointing, but the British race stable more than made up for that a day later. With sixth and seventh place respectively for Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll it was a good Sunday.

The strong race of Perez

For a moment a fourth place even seemed possible for the Mexican when he came very close to the RB16 of Alexander Albon. In the last lap the 30-year old driver tried it with everything he had. That resulted in damage to the front wing. "I hit Alex from the wrong angle. Luckily I only lost one position", he refers to the profitable Lando Norris of McLaren.

"I think it was a great recovery, great pace from the car, the team did a fantastic strategy", said Perez talking to Sky Sports. "I was pushing really hard on Albon, and I didn’t have any opportunity other than the one that I took, and unfortunately I touched at the wrong angle."

Racing Point might be the second fastest car

Stroll also had a good race and managed to finish in seventh place behind his teammate. "We had a strong first stint, I passed Pierre Gasly early in the race. Then we were able to put full pressure on the Renaults and overtake them". Perez was able to overtake his teammate because Stroll made a mistake in the second stint.

Stroll likes Racing Point's double points finish and they celebrated it as a victory. "I really believe today we had debatably the second quickest car, maybe third, but we were definitely quicker than Renault, McLaren and a lot of other of our competitors. So that was really positive."

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