Schumacher foresees the end of Binotto: "I'd be afraid of call from the boss"

12-07-2020 12:28
Schumacher foresees the end of Binotto: I'd be afraid of call from the boss

During the wet qualifying session at the Red Bull Ring, Ferrari again had the greatest difficulty in reaching the final part of the qualifying session. In the end only Sebastian Vettel succeeded. In that respect nothing has changed compared to last week. Meanwhile Mattia Binotto will have to fear for his job, thinks Ralf Schumacher.

"It was important for Vettel to qualify for Leclerc in these circumstances. But the fact that both Ferraris were difficult to drive, even in the wet, shows that there is also something wrong with the mechanical side. If I was Binotto, I would be afraid of a phone call from the boss", says the six-time Grand Prix winner on Sky Deutschland.

Binotto gets little sympathy

Schumacher thus joins a growing line of analysts and colleagues who openly question the future of Binotto as team boss at Ferrari. Where one also seems to have less and less sympathy for him.

Toto Wolff, for example, said earlier this week that he sympathises with everyone at Ferrari except Mattia Binotto. He didn't want to hear from him anymore. The way he seemingly put Sebastian Vettel aside on the phone didn't make him popular either.

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