Brawn about successful corona rules: "We can't get complacent"

12-07-2020 08:52 | Updated: 12-07-2020 11:52
Brawn about successful corona rules: We can't get complacent

The measures taken by Formula 1 concerning the coronavirus seem to be working. Ross Brawn therefore emphasizes the importance that everyone should keep following the guidelines.

Since the beginning of the Formula 1 season, many coronate tests have been taken among the drivers and team members. After more than thousands of tests, no positive cases have surfaced within the sport.

The measures seem to be a success, but according to Ross Brawn everyone should remain on their guard. "We need to ensure that Formula 1, being an international sport moving around the world, we don’t become a sport that takes COVID into a country. We’ve got to be someone who countries can totally rely on being a safe activity to have", said the top man to Sky Sports F1.

Minimize the risk

"The concept of the biosphere and the big bubble… That means we will get a positive at some stage but we hope then we can control it and minimise the risk," explains Brawn about the system that Formula 1 uses with the bubbles.

"My wife was quite concerned about me coming here and I said this should be the safest place for me to ever be, and that was the objective. We’ve been ok so far but we can’t get complacent," concluded the British.

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