Are we going to qualify at 15:00? "I have little faith in it"

11-07-2020 13:26 | Updated: 11-07-2020 13:54
Are we going to qualify at 15:00? I have little faith in it

It's been raining all day on the Red Bull Ring. Still, it looks like it might qualify at 15:00. Toto Wolff has his doubts about it.

No trust at Wolff

The team boss of Mercedes spoke with ORF and said: "We have indeed heard that around 15:00 it is going to rain less hard. If there is no water on the track and there is no risk of aquaplaning I think we can drive. But look outside, I have little faith in it."

Earlier, Michael Masi said it was mainly about taking off the helicopter. The nearest hospital to the circuit is over an hour away by road to Graz, so the medical helicopter is essential when a session is in progress.

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