'Marko has been instructed by Red Bull owner Mateschitz to bring Vettel home'

09-07-2020 07:44
by GPblog.com
'Marko has been instructed by Red Bull owner Mateschitz to bring Vettel home'

Prior to the second Grand Prix of the season at the Red Bull Ring it is the most discussed topic: a return of Sebastian Vettel at Red Bull Racing. It is possible that this will happen in 2021, because according to several sources, Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz would rather see the 33-year-old driver return today than tomorrow.

According to Motorsport-Total.com there is concrete evidence that Helmut Marko has been commissioned by Mateschitz to bring Vettel home no later than 2021. A return of Vettel would then have consequences for Alexander Albon and Daniil Kvyat. Albon will be returned to the AlphaTauri team, while Kvyat would be said goodbye.

Three conditions

The German medium writes that the contracting of Vettel is very difficult for Red Bull. Albon's performance must be a lot worse than Max Verstappen's, Mateschitz must convince the Thai Yoovidhya family (which owns 51 percent of the Red Bull empire) that this would be a good idea, and Vettel must dare to fight top talent Verstappen himself.

According to journalist Christian Nimmervol, the author of the article, Mateschitz is known for two qualities. First of all, the Austrian billionaire has an incredibly good memory. Vettel was the first driver affiliated with Red Bull to achieve a victory in Formula 1 (with Toro Rosso at Monza in 2008). Moreover, the Heppenheimer was good for four world titles at Red Bull Racing. These are statistics that speak for the German driver, of course.

Mateschitz sees the Vettel situation with sad eyes

Besides, Mateschitz is known as someone who is very loyal. "The fact that Vettel is now dismantled in this way by Ferrari and has to leave Formula 1 as a loser in the worst case scenario after a great, unique career will also hurt Mateschitz. People who know him can well imagine that he now brings Vettel home to give him a dignified farewell".

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