Is Alonso the new Renault driver? "We're talking to him''

06-07-2020 11:29
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Is Alonso the new Renault driver? We're talking to him''

We have just announced that next Wednesday Renault will present the new driver for the 2021 season, but it increasingly seems that this will mean the return of Fernando Alonso.

Spanish journalist Naomí de Miguel reported that Renault will present the new driver for 2021 on Wednesday. According to Cyril Abiteboul, the replacement for Daniel Ricciardo is an old acquaintance, because the team boss would have told mechanics who have been working there for 15 years that they still worked with him.

Alonso returns

The fact that it is said specifically to them and not to the mechanics who worked with the other candidate, Nico Hulkenberg, last year, is already striking. In addition, Abiteboul has also confirmed the rumours, because this weekend he told the Spanish Movistar that there are talks with the Spaniard.

''We talk to several drivers and Alonso is one of them. We don't set any deadlines yet, but it is clear that we want a driver who wants to go full ahead and understand the project we are working on'', said Abiteboul who had to do it this weekend with the paltry four points that Esteban Ocon could bring home.

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