Vettel attacked by Rosberg: ''He just starts again at zero''

06-07-2020 11:01
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Vettel attacked by Rosberg: ''He just starts again at zero''

Sebastian Vettel did himself no favours with his performance at the Austrian Grand Prix. With a spin and a tenth place, Vettel fell a long way from his teammate who was allowed to go to the podium.

Vettel will be under great pressure in 2020. Where some might have thought that Vettel would hit back hard, Vettel fell through the cracks in Austria. He didn't come close to his team mate all weekend and spun to make matters worse during the race. Nico Rosberg is not tender for his compatriot.

Vettel starts at zero

"In Formula 1, you're as good as your last race. Actually, Vettel is starting from scratch now. He can't cite those titles as an argument, because they don't count anymore. The next race he has to prove himself again and show that he still belongs in Formula 1'', Rosberg is critical of the German at RTL.

Vettel came in a spin during the race due to an awkward action on Carlos Sainz. Sainz was in a fight with Charles Leclerc and Vettel thought there was a gap. A mistake you expect from a rookie, but not from a driver who just turned 33 and already has four world titles to his name.

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