Lammers is disappointed with Verstappen's failure: "This is very expensive"

06-07-2020 07:12 | Updated: 06-07-2020 07:41
by Matt Gretton
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Lammers is disappointed with Verstappen's failure: This is very expensive

Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon both dropped out during the Austrian Grand Prix and that wasn't the start Red Bull Racing had hoped for. It's not a drama yet, but the title aspirations are now a step further away.

"I prefer to save dramatic statements for real dramas in the world, this remains a sporting event for that matter. For Albon, it is, of course, a pity, but this is really something that someone who has never won a Grand Prix has done. Once you have it in your pocket, you are much calmer," says Jan Lammers at NOS Sportjournaal.

Bad luck for Verstappen

"Albon had the best choice of tyres and had actually already won. You just have to stay calm and wait for the race to come to you, but then Albon will try to get it himself. He should have waited because now it's going wrong," says the former Formula 1 driver who also looks back on the failure of Verstappen.

"It's no longer structural that he dropped out and today you saw that more drivers dropped out. Teams don't have a race rhythm anymore, so some parts might be set too sharply. It is an expensive failure for Verstappen because with so few races every point is more precious," the Dutchman concludes.

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