Wolff asks media to stop 'making up sh*t' about contract Hamilton

05-07-2020 08:46 | Updated: 05-07-2020 09:43
by GPblog.com
Wolff asks media to stop 'making up sh*t' about contract Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff have been negotiating a new contract with Mercedes for some time now. The six-time world champion is rumoured to demand a salary increase, while his employer wants to reduce that amount due to circumstances. All 'nonsense', according to Toto Wolff.

Wolff thus responds in particular to an article from the Daily Mail that Mercedes would not be willing to pay Hamilton's salary claim of 40 million pounds and would have made a counter-offer of only 22 million. The far apart amounts would be the reason why the negotiations take so long.

"They have to stop making s**t up", the team boss of Mercedes reacts vehemently against Motorsport.com. “All the things that are out there about contract negotiations, whether him demanding a hilariously high salary or me saying it’s only 50% of that, they are all made up. We haven’t had a single conversation about money. It’s sometimes weird to read this stuff in the press when you know it’s just total nonsense."

According to Wolff, Hamilton is aware of the difficult position in which the automotive industry currently finds itself and in turn has great respect for the things Hamilton has achieved. He is therefore convinced that together they will come to a contract that satisfies everyone.

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