Hamilton off the hook after FIA investigation

04-07-2020 19:07 | Updated: 04-07-2020 19:09
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Hamilton off the hook after FIA investigation

Lewis Hamilton goes free after he was summoned to the stewards for two different cases. He would have ignored yellow flags, but gets no penalty for this because a green panel was shown at the same time. His earlier fast lap will be taken away, but that doesn't affect his starting position.

The most important thing Hamilton was investigated for and what would also have the biggest impact was ignoring yellow flags during his last fast lap. Valtteri Bottas went off the track right in front of him and was still driving through the gravel when his team mate passed by. The yellow flag then hung out.

Normally this results in a grid penalty, but camera footage showed that at the same time a green flag was shown on a warning panel. According to the race management the driver received several messages and therefore does not hand out a penalty.

The other offence for which Hamilton was called to the race direction happened during his first fast lap. Then he came in turn ten too far off the track. That time is taken away from him, but this has no consequences for the result of qualifying and therefore his starting position.

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