Ferrari drivers satisfied with balance, but 'lack grip and downforce'.

03-07-2020 19:57
Ferrari drivers satisfied with balance, but 'lack grip and downforce'.

Red Bull Racing was not the only top team that seemed to have a hard time on Friday in Austria. Ferrari was part of the midfield and admitted that they lacked speed, although according to the drivers, the car didn't even feel that bad.

Charles Leclerc didn't even make it past ninth place in the second free practice, which puts him between the McLarens and behind the Racing Point cars. "It felt good to be back in the car, but on the other hand it's not a great day for us, we would have liked to be further up front.

"The balance isn't so bad, but in the corner we seem to be losing speed compared to the others. The overall grip of the car, but not only that, we have to upgrade the entire package".

Sebastian Vettel comes with a similar story. He also says that the car in itself felt reasonable and he is happy that the day went smoothly, but: "In terms of speed and competitiveness, it was an interesting day. I think we have seen that we are not at the top, that we are not the favorites. We lack grip and downforce compared to others".

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