Wolff: "The Honda engine still has a lot of potential, so Red Bull is still going

03-07-2020 16:20
by Adam Newton
Wolff: The Honda engine still has a lot of potential, so Red Bull is still going

Mercedes will look back positively on the events after the first practice day. In both practice sessions the cars of the German team were first and second. Toto Wolff is therefore happy with Friday's results, but is cautious about the results of Red Bull Racing, which could still improve a lot despite the slower times.

"It was a really good day, especially since we didn't have any problems," Wolff explains to ORF. "The only question is whether the good results on Friday can also be translated into good results on Saturday and Sunday. So I'm still a bit hesitant. We're not really going to see what everyone is capable of until qualifying tomorrow".

Honda has a lot of potential

Although the Red Bull Ring has not had the best results for Wolff's team in recent years, it now looks like Mercedes is in good shape to perform this weekend. However, Wolff does expect more pressure from direct competition. "I assume that the Honda engine still has a lot of potential and that they can still gain time in their setup.

It remains to be seen whether Mercedes will also have success during qualifying and the race this weekend. At least they are positive about the current results. "Today's results show that we are not completely wrong. However, we can't really draw any conclusions until Sunday evening after the race", Wolff concludes.

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