'Hamilton aims with 45 million euros on a contract as the best paid F1 driver'

02-07-2020 08:32 | Updated: 02-07-2020 08:44
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'Hamilton aims with 45 million euros on a contract as the best paid F1 driver'

Ferrari has already selected two drivers for 2021, so Lewis Hamilton has no choice but to stay with Mercedes. Despite this inferior negotiating position, Hamilton is reportedly demanding a mega salary.

Hamilton has been associated with a switch to Ferrari for years, but time after time it doesn't come of it. The Briton has been associated with the Mercedes brand since childhood and would throw away the entire legacy if he left Mercedes for Ferrari in the end. The choice of Mercedes is therefore logical, but the Brit does want a new contract.

Hamilton wants a salary increase

According to Sportsmail, a source close to Hamilton would have told that he wants a better contract than his current one, which lies around the 40 million euros. In fact, the six-time world champion would like to earn almost 45 million euros from 2021, making him by far the most expensive driver on the grid.

With an estimated power of around 250 million euros, Hamilton will then be able to raise even more money from 2021 onwards. The question is whether Mercedes will respond to this. Within the organisation it is still rumbling and the question is whether Toto Wolff will stay. Does Daimler still want to spend so much money on a driver or will they choose a different route with a new team boss?

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