Unrest at competitors of Verstappen: ''I don't care what happens there''

02-07-2020 07:42
by GPblog.com
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Unrest at competitors of Verstappen: ''I don't care what happens there''

The Formula 1 drivers have been idle for a while, but will finally be able to start the Austrian Grand Prix again this weekend. How does Max Verstappen look at his own chances on the Red Bull Ring.

Getting ready for takeoff

''I've been driving some cars in the meantime and I'm not so worried. I've been in Formula 1 for some years now and I'm assuming that with a couple of laps I'll have the feeling again. In that respect the Red Bull Ring is not very difficult to start with. I'm not that tense at all before a weekend. Extra recharging doesn't make sense to me, because that energy will come when I get in the car'', says Verstappen in conversation with Martin Brundle on the Aston Martin facebook channel.

From this weekend on, Formula 1 will look very different from what people are used to. No fans, there are hardly any journalists and where they are there, they need to keep their distance. Maybe even better for drivers, although Verstappen sees a solution. ''I'm sure the team will find a way to schedule Zoom interviews.''

Unrest in competition

Brundle goes on to point out that many other teams are in turmoil. Sebastian Vettel leaves Ferrari at the end of this year, Carlos Sainz leaves McLaren and Daniel Ricciardo leaves Renault. In that respect it is much quieter at Red Bull Racing, which Verstappen is very happy with.

''I really don't care what happens with the other teams. The important thing is that we arranged it quickly and that stability is very nice and also very important. Now you've had it and you can focus on getting the results'', concludes Verstappen who has one last chance to become the youngest world champion in 2020.

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