Domenicali: "Vettel will behave correctly"

29-06-2020 17:00
Domenicali: Vettel will behave correctly

With the departure of Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari at the end of this season, it will be interesting to see how the dynamics between the two drivers will develop this year. Vettel has nothing more to lose at Ferrari, but if he wants to secure his future in Formula 1, he will have to put himself in the spotlight. Whether it will bring fireworks like last year is difficult to estimate, but former Ferrari team boss Stefano Domenicali expects the German to behave.

Vettel is a professional

Ferrari hasn't won a championship since 2008 and to achieve that goal Sebastian Vettel was brought in at the time. He still has a chance to do so this year, but Ferrari seems to focus on Charles Leclerc. In any case a stable team is needed and at the Italian Resto del Carlino Domenicali says they believe in Binotto.

"I have faith in Binotto. I've known Mattia since we were children. You have to make him work, a winning team is built up over time." This requires rest in the tent, but Domenicali doesn't worry about that either. "I don't judge contract dynamics, but I know Seb is a professional. Whatever his future may be, he will behave correctly."

By attracting Charles Leclerc Ferrari did what is unusual according to its own history, bring a young inexperienced driver to the team. According to Domenicali that was the right move. "Yes, because he's so talented. His growth also rewards an idea, that of the Academy for Young Drivers, which we launched in Maranello in unexpected times."

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