Vasseur: "Even with the new rules in 2022 Alfa Romeo will not make a profit"

27-06-2020 17:47
by Editorial Team
Vasseur: Even with the new rules in 2022 Alfa Romeo will not make a profit

The upcoming budget cap is greeted with cheers by many teams. Alfa Romeo is also happy with the change, but according to Fred Vasseur more will have to change before the team doesn't lose any more every year.

With the budget cap, teams are not allowed to spend more than 145 million years, with the exception of salaries for drivers and the three biggest other earners within the team. Also, development for the engine will not fall within the budget.

For Alfa Romeo it won't mean that the team will have to make adjustments. "With our budget we are already below capacity in 2021", says team boss Fred Vasseur in an interview with Auto, Motor und Sport.

Uncertainty about the future

Due to the coronavirus outbreak and the subsequent crisis, many teams suffered a financial blow, including Alfa Romeo. On top of that, there is a lot of uncertainty in Formula 1. For example, the number of races that will be driven this year is not yet known. 

"We are therefore unable to make any financial forecasts for this year. We also don't know how much we will earn in the future - from our sponsors and the prize pool. We have no idea how the crisis will affect Formula 1 in general".

With that, Alfa Romeo isn't out of financial worries for a long time. "With the cars of 2022 the costs must and will go down. The big difference for us will also be the redistribution of the prize money. We only have a long way to go before we will make a profit. We will even have trouble to break even with the changes", concludes the Frenchman.

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