Verstappen thinks they've made steps: "That's why they did a testday"

26-06-2020 22:30 | Updated: 26-06-2020 22:34
by Editorial Team
Verstappen thinks they've made steps: That's why they did a testday

Jos Verstappen has assisted his son Max towards every great triumph, but one trophy is still missing, that of world champion. This season could be the first serious opportunity for this. How does he think Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing are doing at the moment?

"We think we are there, but you don't know how fast exactly, but we definitely think we can participate in Austria", Jos says in front of Ziggo Sport's camera at the Formula 1 Café. "If Mercedes has a very fast car, it will be between Hamilton and Bottas, but if it's a little bit together, as we expect, it will be between Lewis and Max".

Teams didn't go testing for nothing

In the winter tests at the Barcelona circuit Mercedes seemed to have the upper hand. However, the question is how many steps forward the different teams made during the lockdown. On the RB16 renewals were already visible during the test at Silverstone.

"I do think there have been some jumps. That's why a lot of teams have tested for a day. That way you can do some things on the car and see if it works or not", says Verstappen, who doesn't see it as a big disadvantage that his son couldn't drive there.

Verstappen needs little preparation

"There's been talk of doing it with a Toro Rosso [so not in Britain], but that's a different car. And Max says he'll be up to speed within four or five laps." Verstappen has little time to adjust next week on the Red Bull Ring. A weekend that will be a bit lonely because of the coronary measures. Also his father will stay at home.

"We have talked about it, but the team will act as a bubble and the spotlights are full on it. They don't really want to leave anyone there, except Max. If I were to go there, I wouldn't even be able to stand in the garage and it wouldn't be any good to be there."

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