Magnussen: "No idea with whom that works to his advantage"

24-06-2020 20:15 | Updated: 24-06-2020 21:01
Magnussen: No idea with whom that works to his advantage

Haas F1 has a lot to do with itself this season. In 2019 the car could not burn ahead and the team that Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean were driving for scored just 28 points, putting it in ninth place. Magnussen says he has no idea how fast this year's car is.

Difficult prediction

"It is difficult to say in who the changed calendar benefits. I really can’t predict it. We also have no idea how good our new car is for this year", says Magnussen to Ekstra Bladet.

According to the Dane it is good for Haas that the season starts with two races on the same track. This should give a considerable insight into whether that car is again heavily influenced by external factors, such as temperature. Last year the Haas proved to have a lot to contend with.


"It’s going to be exciting to see. You get rock-solid proof of whether performance depends on the track or if other factors are involved", Magnussen continued.

"You have the feeling that it is very decisive for the speed if the circuit suits the car. We will get clear answers to that. If one weekend is good and the other weekend is not in terms of results and speed, it will give food for thought", Magnussen explained.

Still, the Danish driver expects the results to be more or less the same. "But I emphatically expect it to be more or less the same. If you are good in the first weekend, you should be good in the second weekend, given that the weather is the same", ends Magnussen.

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