Racing Point comes with only one update for the car in all of 2020

22-06-2020 07:54
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Racing Point comes with only one update for the car in all of 2020

According to many, Racing Point will come to the start of the Formula 1 season with a copy of the 2019 Mercedes, but the competitors don't have to worry about it all in 2020, as further updates don't seem to follow.

Racing Point brings only one update

For the time being, the Formula 1 calendar only consists of eight races, but the expectation is that it will at least consist of fifteen races, with the final races in December in Bahrain and Abu Dhabi. Racing Point, however, will soon have to shift its focus to 2021 and will come up with only one update in 2020.

''We don't know anything about the rest of the calendar yet and normally in this period we would switch to the development of the car for next year. We now have one update that we would normally introduce in Barcelona, but it comes halfway through the first half of the new season'', Andrew Green said to

Small update with big consequences

With that update out of the way, it's time for Racing Point to work towards 2021. Where most parts have to remain the same, the whole floor of the F1 car will have to change in 2021 to make sure Pirelli's tyres can still handle it. That still takes a lot of time at Racing Point.

''Believe it or not, it's a relatively small adjustment with a big impact on the overall performance of the car. We don't just need to adjust the floor, we also need to adjust the front of the car to be aerodynamic'', concludes Green, who doesn't want to look at updates for the period after September where no races have been officially fixed yet.

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