Formula E already unveils calendar for 2021 season

20-06-2020 14:47
Formula E already unveils calendar for 2021 season

The Formula E calendar for 2021 is known. While F1 only has the first eight races for next season on the calendar, the electric racing class decides to announce already now where they will drive in 2021. In 2021 the class will be named as the official world championship for the first time and moreover, the entire season will take place in one calendar year. 

Normally a Formula E season starts in November, and then races until August of the following year. In 2021, however, this will be different. After finishing the season in August, with six races in Berlin, they will start again on 16 January in 2021. They will start in Chile, and then travel to Mexico. After a trip to Saudi Arabia and China, Formula E will then enter Europe. 

New calendar resembles calendar of 2020

There the drivers will drive in Italy, France and Monaco. In general, the calendar of 2021 resembles the original calendar of 2020. However, due to the coronavirus, there is not much left of that calendar, so a lot has been taken over in the new calendar.

After they have been in Berlin at the end of June, Formula E goes to New York for a race, and then ends with two races in London. There is still an EPrix to be confirmed, which will be on the calendar at the beginning of June. Several cities are eligible for this, such as Jakarta, which has been on the calendar before. Eindhoven also seemed long in the race for an EPrix in the Netherlands, so the chance that Formula E will race in the Netherlands next season is plausible. Also because the EPrix that follows is in Berlin.

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