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Mansell: 'He'd done well under the tough conditions of our time'

Mansell: 'He'd done well under the tough conditions of our time'

15-06-2020 11:53 Last update: 13:32


After a long career Nigel Mansell finally became world champion in Formula 1 at a time when the cars were a lot harder to drive. However, according to the British, there is one man who could have done the same.

''Lewis could have driven very well under those conditions, but it's very difficult to compare the different generations. There are so many good drivers who couldn't make it because of a simple crash, where today's drivers get off without a problem after a crash," Mansell told the Daily Mail.

Hamilton to Ferrari

Mansell went to Ferrari, but it wasn't a big success. It was a step that Mansell insisted on taking. "Ferrari scared me. It's just great to win with a Ferrari, but if Lewis wants to win titles then he probably stays with the stable Mercedes', says Mansell who drove for Ferrari in 1989 and 1990.

''Ferrari could have won many more titles in recent years, but they've made a lot of mistakes. Like Michael Schumacher, Lewis has had the opportunity to win from an early age and show his skills with the best teams. He will go down in the history books as one of the greatest and who knows there might be a seventh or even eighth title to follow'', concludes the Brit.

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