"Average Alex" again second: "Russell ruined us all''

15-06-2020 07:44
by Editorial Team
Average Alex again second: Russell ruined us all''

George Russell has continued his strong series of virtual Formula 1 races. The Briton had already written the championship to his name, but also took his fourth win in a row in Canada.

''It was just great. It's kept us all busy for a while and of course it's just fun to do. We like to race together and if you can't go outside then it's cool to have a competition with your friends. It was a fun adventure'', says Russell after the race he won.

Average Alex

Russell stepped into the series later, but managed to make an immediate impression. From his victory in Spain no one was able to stop him. In Monaco he was almost one lap ahead of the number two and in Azerbaijan and again in Canada he never had any real opposition from the other drivers.

''I've worked very hard to make this happen and of course it's fun when you can pick the races'', concludes Russell, after which Alexander Albon also says George was clearly the strongest. ''At first Charles seemed to be the fastest, but then George came and he destroyed us all. I'm just average Alex'', concludes a smiling Albon who often had to make do with a second place.

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