Canadian Grand Prix still an option? "We're still talking to FOM"

12-06-2020 14:21 | Updated: 12-06-2020 15:02
by Editorial Team
Canadian Grand Prix still an option? We're still talking to FOM

There are more and more circuits that are losing track to organize a Grand Prix this year. Because of the coronavirus everything is completely at a standstill until September there will only be raced in Europe. Nevertheless, there are still many circuits around the world that want to organize a race. Also Canada is still talking about a possible race in Montreal.

Originally the free practice sessions were supposed to be on the street circuit today, but the whole weekend has been postponed. In spite of that, the circuit holds out hope for a race. "Discussions will continue with various parties, such as F1, the city itself and everyone else involved for holding a race this autumn", Francois Dumontier, promoter of the Canadian Grand Prix, told Le Journal De Montreal.

Canada most likely

Today it was announced that at least there will be no races in Singapore, Japan and Azerbaijan. Two of these circuits are street circuits and in general the preference of FOM and the FIA seems to be to go for real circuits, because they are less expensive and can also organize a Grand Prix faster.

If the F1 still wants to travel to North or South America for a Grand Prix, Canada seems the most obvious. The rest of the countries that were originally on the calendar, i.e. America, Mexico and Brazil, all seem to have much more problems with the virus. That is why Canada has a good chance to organize a Grand Prix after all. The final calendar will probably be published soon.

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