F1 teams must reorganize by 2021 rules: "Time in the wind tunnel is limited'

10-06-2020 07:49
by GPblog.com
F1 teams must reorganize by 2021 rules: Time in the wind tunnel is limited'

After the cancelled start of the Formula 1 season in Australia, everyone is now getting ready for the real start in Austria. However, a lot hasn't happened in the meantime, as the teams are coming with exactly the same car as in Australia.

Same cars

Because of the coronavirus everything and everyone had to be locked and that means the teams can almost leave Australia's car in the truck. There is no time to develop new updates and there will hardly be any during the season. With eight races in ten weeks, developing a big update hardly makes sense.

That's how Racing Point starts with the car it came up with in Australia. For example, it had used a lot of the basic model in the winter tests, where the first real updates were only brought to the car in Australia. However, these have now not been tested and will be taken to Austria for their first laps.


''We are now planning how we will attack in the next six months and also for the year after that. That will be completely different, because suddenly we all have rules after this break. Time in the wind tunnel is less and that will only be less next year. That calls for a reorganization'', Andrew Green says to Auto, Motor und Sport.

Green will have his team make as many updates as possible towards 2021. In 2021 there will be even less testing in the wind tunnel, while work also needs to be done on the 2022 car. All new ideas about the current car should be added to the car as soon as possible, so this doesn't have to happen in 2021.

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