Carey shares his goal: 'We want to have fans at the races again'

04-06-2020 08:02 | Updated: 04-06-2020 12:43
Carey shares his goal: 'We want to have fans at the races again'

The Formula 1 season will start in Austria, but will have to do so without an audience for the time being. Chase Carey would have liked to welcome an audience, but that's not realistic at first.

''Fans are of course very important to us and we fight for them on several fronts. We would love it if they could be present at the races, but the risks are still too big to guarantee their health. We don't want fans to be there until it's safe to do so," says Carey in a video from

What about the fans?

''The goal is to have fans at the races from autumn (starting in September). Even then it will not be possible to fill the stands completely, but step by step we will be able to admit more and more fans during our race'', says Carey who has not yet planned any races for the Monza race at the beginning of September.

Despite the lack of fans, Carey believes it is the right time to start racing again. ''They are really looking forward to getting back to a normal life. We want to achieve that in a safe way. Of course we stick to the guidelines, but you can see that many countries can already make a step forward'', concludes Carey.

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