Future of Leclerc: ''Give him a good chariot and he'll be world champion''

04-06-2020 07:20 | Updated: 04-06-2020 12:43
by GPblog.com
Future of Leclerc: ''Give him a good chariot and he'll be world champion''

Charles Leclerc is one of today's greatest talents in Formula 1 and is a great contender to win a lot in the future. Former team manager Beat Zehnder is therefore full of praise for the young Monegask.

"It was very interesting to work with a young boy again. We had done this before at Sauber, but since a long time we finally really had a special driver. I've never seen a driver like Charles before and he really was a reward for the team after many tough years'', says Beat Zehnder, Alfa Romeo's team manager.

Leclerc the future world champion

More precisely, Zehnder compares Leclerc with some of the greats of the past. ''In terms of speed you can compare Charles with Kimi Raikkonen and besides that he has the working posture of Michael Schumacher. Give him a good car and he will definitely become world champion'', says Zehnder, who has been part of Sauber's motorsport programme since 1987.

Marcus Ericsson, Leclerc's teammate at the time, is also full of praise. ''When he went to Ferrari I knew he would be competitive right away. However, I didn't expect him to do so well in his first year. It's a very special driver that will only help Ferrari further forward", concludes the Swede opposite Motorsport.com.

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