Barcelona circuit director: "We've given them the opportunity for two races"

03-06-2020 17:14
Barcelona circuit director: We've given them the opportunity for two races

In that new calendar of the FOM, the Spanish Grand Prix is also scheduled for 16 August. At first the Grand Prix could not take place because of the coronavirus, but now we managed to get the race on the calendar. There have been a lot of negotiations between the different circuits and FOM to get everything in order. Also on the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya there have been a lot of talks before everything was finished.

Joan Fontsere, director of the circuit, indicates in an interview with EFE that the circuit does not have to pay the costs of the race. "One of the conditions we set for Liberty Media is that we don't have to pay the fee. Of course we don't have any income from ticket sales anymore". That's why Liberty Media takes care of the costs of the Grand Prix.

Possibility given

At Spielberg and Silverstone two races will take place this season. Also in Barcelona the circuit has indicated that they are open for two Grands Prix on the circuit. "From the beginning Liberty Media considered to organize a single Grand Prix here, but we have always given them the opportunity to organize more". So in the end an agreement was made for one Grand Prix in Spain.

A lot of safety measures have been taken to make everything happen safely, so the chance of contamination is as low as possible. Fontsere already sees the consequences of this. "Once on the track the teams work in bubbles and have no interaction with individuals from other teams. For example, Ferrari has already booked a hotel for exclusive use", concludes Fontsere.

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