Berger: 'Vettel should go to the DTM'

03-06-2020 15:00
Berger: 'Vettel should go to the DTM'

With the departure of Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari at the end of the season, it's wait and see where he ends up. Many teams have both seats occupied and the German will undoubtedly not be hungry for a seat with a team that can not compete at the top. Mercedes would still be an option, but as long as they have Lewis Hamilton the chances are slim. Maybe the DTM is then something for Vettel?

Switch to the DTM

Talking to F1-Insider, DTM boss Gerhard Berger says with a smile: "For him there can only be the DTM." To take it more seriously afterwards: "But seriously. Why not? He's still driving at the highest level." And in the DTM the level is high, so he could be a good opponent.

"Here he can compete with racing cars he likes, with other great drivers." Berger also touches on what we already mentioned in the introduction, there is not so much room (anymore) for Vettel among the top teams. Berger: "In Formula 1 he doesn't have a big alternative anymore. He wants to drive in a top team, but there is only Mercedes as an option. But I'm afraid the seats are taken."

"Failed" at Ferrari

At the time, Sebastian Vettel was recruited by Ferrari to bring another championship to Maranello, but that didn't work out. However, this is not due to Vettel alone, says Berger, because there are more drivers who have tried the same without result.

"Vettel has nothing to blame himself for. He joins the many drivers who failed to put his Ferrari back on the winning tour. Gerhard Berger was also one of them. Only Niki Lauda and Michael Schumacher have managed this permanently".

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