Schumacher speaks about Williams: "They can't modernize there''

03-06-2020 09:12
by Editorial Team
Schumacher speaks about Williams: They can't modernize there''

Williams is looking for new investors and does not rule out the possibility of an entire sale. A low point for Williams, but most people already saw this coming.

The same goes for Ralf Schumacher, who was allowed to get into Williams' car between 1999 and 2004. Back then, under the leadership of Frank Williams, the team still managed to achieve great results with BMW engines. Now twenty years later, however, there is nothing left of the team that used to compete for the world titles.

Williams lags behind

"Frank and Claire neither managed to modernize this team. They got stuck in the past and didn't get on with young people. I've seen it myself in my time. There was a lot of pressure from above, but nowadays you have to choose young talent and give them more freedom. They can't work that way,'' says Ralf to German Sky.

''It's a great opportunity for them to stop for both and sell the business completely. If I had the money I would buy Williams directly, because it remains a unique team. There are a lot of things in order, but you just have to dust it off a bit. Fresh people and money is what this organization needs'', concludes Schumacher.

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