Marko mysteriously: "There's a lot going on at Mercedes in that area"

01-06-2020 19:10
Marko mysteriously: There's a lot going on at Mercedes in that area

Helmut Marko knows that things are going on behind the scenes at Mercedes, but the advisor of Red Bull Racing refuses to reveal what exactly is going on.

A return of Sebastian Vettel at Red Bull once again excludes the 77-year-old Austrian by saying 'that there are contracts with both Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon'. Whether a move from the four-time world champion to Mercedes is realistic, Marko finds it difficult to say: "Let's wait and see what happens at Mercedes. There's a lot going on there in terms of personnel, I hear."

Marko about the future of Mercedes

The man from Graz does not go into further detail and is then asked if he expects Mercedes to be active in Formula 1 in 2021. "If they stay, that's fine. We would like to beat them. But if they are no longer there, it will just be another team (with the same resources., ed.)", says Marko.

The top man of the Austrian race team may be referring to a merger between Mercedes and Aston Martin, but in terms of content Marko refuses to go into that. "I'd rather not get involved in this speculation," he concludes with Österreich.

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