Smedley looks at Sainz: "They've been doing that at Mercedes for years''

01-06-2020 10:57
Smedley looks at Sainz: They've been doing that at Mercedes for years''

Carlos Sainz will join Ferrari in 2021 and will not only have to deal with all the pressure that is present in the Italian team, but also with a teammate in Charles Leclerc who will have a nice grip on the team after two seasons.

Sainz needs to get to work

So for Sainz it's certainly not going to be an easy task to enter Ferrari just like that, as former Ferrari engineer Rob Smedley knows. Smedley worked for the Italian team for many years and became especially known in his role over the onboard radio of Felipe Massa. Smedleu knows better than anyone what kind of political games are played at Ferrari.

''He will really have to grow an elephant skin to survive there. There are beautiful and unique sides to the whole Ferrari story, but some sides are really terrible. When you get to the top you're going to see more of that side,'' says Smedley, who worked for the Italian team between 2003 and 2014.

No number two

''In my time in Formula 1 I did learn that there is no such thing as a good second. It's about having two good drivers, as you've seen with Mercedes for years. However, at Ferrari you have to deal with enormous pressure from fans and the media, so everyone outside the door knows who you are'', says Smedley in the F1 Nation podcast.

Smedley himself considered leaving more than once. ''Sometimes you really don't want to leave Ferrari, but at other times it's very frustrating. Then you have to get up and take the challenge and already Sainz have to do the same. It is therefore a great place to work'', concludes Smedley.

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