OFFICIAL: This is the European Formula 1 calender for the 2020 season

02-06-2020 10:03 | Updated: 02-06-2020 10:10
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OFFICIAL: This is the European Formula 1 calender for the 2020 season

Because of the coronavirus, Formula 1 fans have wandered around for a long time wondering whether there would still be racing in the royal class of motor racing in 2020. After many rumours, the FIA finally gives clarity by publishing the new European F1 calendar for 2020. The new season starts on 3 July in Austria.

Formula 1 gets underway

Since the moment the Australian Grand Prix was rejected on the spot, the Formula 1 fan has had to wait a long time for the next race and we will also have to be patient for a while. However, in a month's time, racing will start again in its entirety, even if it is still without an audience.

At the moment F1 only shows a calendar with the European races on it. The first eight races will be kept under strict precautions. For example, the circus will travel separately from each other and from the outside world and teams will only be allowed to bring a limited number of staff with them. Whether this will still be the case when Formula 1 races outside Europe is not yet clear.

This is the provisional European F1 calendar for 2020:

5 July - Austria
12 July - Austria
July 19 - Hungary
2 August - Great Britain
August 9th - Great Britain
16 August - Spain
30 August - Belgium
6 September - Italy

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